10 Meter geodesic dome for primary school in cork

We are delighted to be able to design and build this unique educational space for a wonderful school in Douglas, Cork. On their campus in Douglas we have built a 10 meter 4 frequency Geodesic Dome for the children and staff which will provide 78m2 of floor area. In this dome students will be learning about sustainability and growing. The dome itself will showcase the application of geometry and engineering and give them a great insight into how these structures work.

It will become a growing space for learning about food production, and a real-world example of sustainable construction, design and engineering and giving all the students a place to learn about solving tomorrows problems today.

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Customised solutions for commercial applications

Providing tailored Geodesic Domes for commercial uses such as outdoor dining areas in hospitality settings and office buildings.

Our in house expertise can provide unique solutions backed up with certified structural documentation for your design teams and facilities managers.

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create and collaborate

Create your home office with one of our insulated garden room Geodesic Domes. Light, space and comfort are in abundance while air and heat circulate naturally due to the domes design, and with options such as underfloor heating and a broad range of configurations, you will have a comfortable creative space that will provide for your specific needs.

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Bord Bia Bloom

At Bord Bia Bloom 2022 we brought a handcrafted Geodesic Dome.

With 90,000 visitors over five days it was wonderful to be able to showcase our premium handcrafted Geodome to so many people, answer their questions and get their feedback.

We are looking forward to joining all the exhibitors at next years event and having a dome there for everyone to experience and enjoy.

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