INHABIT brings cutting edge design and beautiful materials together to create something unique.

Our INHABIT Geodesic Dome is a handcrafted space built around the mesmerising geodesic design. Feel the embrace of the spherical design where air and warmth can circulate freely and the large bay window and pentagonal skylight bringing you close to nature from the comfort of your dome environment.

THE Inhabit dome

The INHABIT Geodesic Dome is configured with a large bay window, a pentagonal skylight window and finished in an aluminium composite cladding which is available in a range of 5 colours.

Insulated in a 40mm high density foil backed board and internally finished in a plasterboard ready for a decorative finish of your choice.

Our Domes are maintenance free and come with a 5 year guarantee and a life expectancy in excess or 25+ years.

Prices FROM...

All prices include VAT, delivery and installation.

Optional raised timber floor is priced separately.
Ground screws and foundations are optional extras.


technical details


The Geodesic Dome structure is positioned on light foundations. Depending on the type of site different options are possible.

The site should be prepared in advance as a flat level space where the dome will be located. Existing patios and decking are suitable.

Mini screw piles for the foundations are recommended as they minimise the impact on the installation site and can be used in most areas.


The handcrafted wooden structure is precision made and provides a self supporting space that is extremely strong and efficient. It consists of a timber frame forming over one hundred triangles that are perfectly angled together to create the geodesic shape.

The exterior wall is clad in an aluminium composite cladding available in 5 standard colours and is insulated internally.

The interior is finished in wood veneer paneling or plaster and can be painted as required.

other sizes available upon request

All of our domes can be made in a range of sizes

3.5m Diameter 10m2 (107sq ft)

Will accommodate 6 persons seated

4.5m Diameter 16m2 (172sq ft)

Will accommodate 12 persons seated

5.5m Diameter 24m2 (258sq ft)

Will accommodate 18 persons seated

7.0m Diameter 39m2 (420sq ft)

Will accommodate 24 persons seated

10m Diameter 78m2 (839sq ft)

Will accommodate 30 persons seated