A premium quality garden dome and growing space - like nothing you have experienced before.

With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, all of our geodesic domes are built with precision and attention to detail. Premium quality, sustainably sourced materials are used throughout the process. With standard features such as automatic window actuators and a solar-powered fan, your dome maintains its optimum environment.

In addition to growing fruits and vegetables you can use your dome for special family dining occasions, yoga  and wellness and have space to relax and enjoy the wonderful subtropical climate.

Enhance your garden with one of our beautiful handcrafted designs and extend the warmth of the Spring and Summer seasons.

Our premium quality Geodesic Domes are locally made in Ireland.
They are covered in a clear 4mm polycarbonate glazing which is over 200 times stronger than glass, making the dome extremely durable. The polycarbonate is UV stable and will remain crystal clear.

There are three automatically controlled window openings and one solar powered fan to allow for ventilation and regulation of heat.

The Geodesic Dome is extremely strong by design, and can withstand hurricane force winds.
It is the ideal solution for exposed areas where conventional designs would not withstand the conditions.

Our Garden Domes are maintenance free and come with a 2 year guarantee and a life expectancy in excess of 25+ years.

Our Geodesic Domes provide you with an optimised environment to grow your own organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as many beautiful plants and flowers.

THE grow dome

GROW Geodesic Dome is a premium quality fully glazed handmade timber frame consisting of over one hundred triangles precisely made to form the geodesic shape. The glazing is a 4mm or 5mm clear polycarbonate which offers and extremely strong exterior that is 200 times stronger than glass.

If you would like to have an insulated growing space then we can use a multi wall polycarbonate for the glazing which offers a thermally insulated interior.

The Geodesic Dome is extremely strong and can withstand hurricane force winds making is suitable for all sites including exposed costal areas.

Our Domes are maintenance free and come with a 2 year guarantee and a life expectance in excess or 25 years.

Prices FROM...

All prices include VAT, delivery and installation.

Optional raised timber floor is priced separately.
Ground screws and foundations are optional extras.

4m Diameter 12.5m2 (135sq ft) €17,400

5.5m Diameter 24m2 (258sq ft) €21,900

7.0m Diameter 39m2 (420sq ft) €34,100

10m - 14m Diameter   €POA

Other sizes are available upon request.

Technical details


The Geodesic Dome structure is positioned on light foundations. Depending on the type of site different options are possible.

The site should be prepared in advance as a flat level space where the dome will be located. Existing patios and decking are suitable.

We can provide screw piles for the foundations if necessary as they minimise the impact on the installation site and can be used on most areas.


The handcrafted wooden structure is precision made and provides a self supporting space that is extremely strong and efficient. It consists of a frame made from over one hundred triangles that are perfectly angled together to form the geodesic shape. The glazing is a 4mm UV stable clear polycarbonate which is 200 times stronger than glass.

other sizes available upon request

All of our domes can be made in a range of sizes

3.5m Diameter 10m2 (107sq ft)

Will accommodate 6 persons seated

4.5m Diameter 16m2 (172sq ft)

Will accommodate 12 persons seated

5.5m Diameter 24m2 (258sq ft)

Will accommodate 18 persons seated

7.0m Diameter 39m2 (420sq ft)

Will accommodate 24 persons seated

10m Diameter 78m2 (839sq ft)

Will accommodate 40 persons seated