Increase your seasonal opportunities with one of our beautiful handcrafted designs. Made to enhance your customer’s experience, our outdoor solutions create an exceptional and engaging environment for you to host your guests and customers.

Our domes will provide a unique all weather outdoor experience for your clients.

Crystal clear polycarbonate panels provide unobstructed views of the surroundings, and the handcrafted timber frame creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, and an extraordinary dining and entertaining area.

Choose the style that suits your setting from an open pergola style of dome to a cosy enclosed space that will keep you and your guests completely protected from the elements.

Add an abundance of plants and flowers to your dome with beautiful flowering vines and create a truly magical space full of natural organic life.

Our Geodesic Domes are locally made in Ireland from sustainably sourced timber.

The polycarbonate glazing is over 200 times stronger than glass, making the dome virtually indestructible and completely maintenance free.

There are 5 or more window openings to allow for ventilation and regulation of heat.



The Geodesic Dome structure is positioned on light foundations. Depending on the type of site different options are possible.

The site should be prepared in advance as a flat level space where the dome will be located. Existing patios and decking are suitable.

We can provide screw piles for the foundations if necessary as they minimise the impact on the installation site and can be used on most areas.


The handcrafted wooden structure is precision made and provides a self supporting space that is extremely strong and efficient. It consists of a frame made from over one hundred triangles that are perfectly angled together to form the geodesic shape. The glazing is a 4mm UV stable clear polycarbonate which is 200 times stronger than glass.

Our Domes are maintenance free and come with a 2 year guarantee and a life expectancy in excess or 25 years

Prices FROM...

All prices include VAT, delivery and installation.

Optional raised timber floor is priced separately.
Ground screws and foundations are optional extras.

4m Diameter 12.5m2 (135sq ft) €17,400

5.5m Diameter 24m2 (258sq ft) €21,900

7.0m Diameter 39m2 (420sq ft) POA

10m Diameter 78m2 (839sq ft)  POA


Our domes can be installed on any flat ground or patio/deck.

The ground should be prepared as either a flat level gravel or patio area or existing decking where we can place your dome.

An optional plinth foundation can also be purchased which allows the dome to be placed on most surfaces including sloping and uneven ground. It is available as an add on and can be delivered as part of your dome installation.

other sizes available upon request

All of our domes can be made in a range of sizes

4m Diameter 12.5m2 (135sq ft)

Will accommodate 12 persons seated

5.5m Diameter 24m2 (258sq ft)

Will accommodate 18 persons seated

7.0m Diameter 39m2 (420sq ft)

Will accommodate 24 persons seated

10m Diameter 78m2  (839sq ft)

Will accommodate 30 persons seated