Geodesic Domes - Would you Like a Geodesic Garden Dome to use as a Growing Hub?

May 7, 2022

Do you need to make some more space for your fruit, veg and plant growing habits? Are you
trying to live a greener lifestyle and to do this you need to grow your own greens? In that case,
there's no need to look any further because Geodesic Domes has you covered. Now, we all
know the struggles of battling the cold and wet weather but when it comes to saving your plants
it can often prove difficult. With this in mind, our dedicated team decided it was time to find an
eco-friendly, sustainable way to extend the warm conditions your plants need to thrive.
We would like to introduce to you our unique, strong and maintenance-free geodesic garden
dome. Unlike your conventional greenhouse, our polycarbonate glazed geodesic domes require no maintenance
whatsoever, we will design and create your ideal dome to suit your specifications, then all you
have to do is fill your dome with all the plants and get your own ecological produce quickly and easily.
Not only this, but thanks to the combination of our high quality, handcrafted timber frame and full
glazing along with our first class expertise, we are able to hand make a much stronger; but
extremely lightweight, longer lasting greenhouse alternative that can withstand every weather
condition that gets thrown its way, providing decades of maintenance service and abundance whatever the weather.