Looking for a Geodesic Dome For Sale in Ireland?

January 18, 2022

Have you been trying to find a geodesic dome for sale in Ireland? Look no further, welcome to Geodesic Domes. We specialise in sustainable, low-impact domes that give vast amounts of interior space and room with the smallest amount of surface area utilised. Our aim is to reduce our environmental impact by creating living environments that minimise the number of materials consumed in construction. 

Preserving the earth’s natural resources and decreasing our carbon footprint is essential to the mission of Geodesic Domes. Our geodesic domes for sale in Ireland have multiple uses from outdoor dining areas to creative spaces and event venues. If you would like to explore our luxury range of handcrafted timber Geodesic Domes, then head to our website today or contact us via the details below. 

Breaking Down the Different Types of Geodesic Domes 

Should you be looking for a geodesic dome for sale in Ireland, then Geodesic Domes offers two individual types of spaces; grow and inhabit. Our grow domes are fully glazed geodesic conservatories made from handcrafted timber. They work extremely well as outdoor greenhouses and can be installed on any flat ground or patio and decking space. With a solid timber door and three window openings, they attract plenty of natural light all throughout the year. 

Alongside this, our inhabit domes are another great option to consider. These domes work as habitable garden spaces that are designed to be lived and worked in. With a huge bay window and overhead skylight, they give incredible views and light from all angles. To explore either of these geodesic domes, get in touch with our team. 

Benefits of Geodesic Domes

Geodesic Domes offer clear environmental benefits, thanks to their ultra-sustainable properties. As they do not need substantial concrete foundations to support the structure, they do not produce a big carbon footprint. Furthermore, as the objective during construction is to reduce the number of materials utilised, these domes have a much smaller environmental impact overall. 

They are closely connected to the nearby environment and natural surroundings that they exist in. Having a geodesic dome in your space will bring you closer to nature, and develop your personal relationship with the outdoors space that surrounds your living or working environment. If you’d like to make a difference with a more sustainable, environmentally friendly space, then a geodesic dome is a leading option. 

To discover our geodesic domes for sale in Ireland, go to the Geodesic Domes website today. 

Want to Discuss your Requirements with our Team?

Should you be searching for a geodesic dome for sale in Ireland, then Geodesic Domes is the number one choice. To talk with a member of our team, call us today on 085 771 6389. Our knowledgeable customer representatives are here to help you with your queries, walk you through our various options and discuss your needs in more depth. 

You can also send us a direct message by completing the
online form on our website’s contact page, and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. Head to the Geodesic Domes website today to browse our different solutions further.


Here at Geodesic Domes, we create garden pods in Ireland that transform outdoor areas, getting you up-and-close with nature whilst retaining all of your comforts. We offer two specific types of garden pods: the Grow and the Inhabit. Both of these offer a myriad of possibilities - examples being as a designated outdoor office, as a dining area, or a creative space.

These garden pods can be used both in domestic and commercial settings, according to your needs and requirements. They give the user a spectacular amount of natural light, which makes you feel immersed in the outdoors and nature. What’s more, they are robust, light weight and feature a modular design. These pods can be set up in any type of location - so why not enquire today?


Geodesic Domes offers a level of expertise and experience that you cannot find anywhere else; we’ve gained an abundance of skills and knowledge over many years working in construction, furniture manufacturing, and bespoke interior fit out. As such, we know how to design and create a gorgeous luxury handcrafted space that fits the clients’ specification and personal needs.

We can tailor our garden pods in Ireland to suit your design ideas - such as if you’d like to have a certain colour scheme in the interior or exterior of the pod. Whatever your preferences, our team will endeavour to deliver a tremendous space that makes your dreams come true. To learn more about the credentials of Geodesic Domes, visit our website today.


If you are interested in buying one of our garden pods in Ireland, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly. You can reach us by phone on 085 771 6389 to speak with a member of our team. We will answer your questions, provide you with further information about our solutions, and discuss your requirements further. You can also email us at hello@geodesicdomes.ie or drop us a message via the online form displayed on our website’s contact page. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.