Delivering new concepts in Geodesic Dome construction with many years experience in the design, engineering and construction of high end bespoke residential extensions and garden rooms.

We are now at the forefront of making creatively designed and expertly handmade, luxury timber framed Geodesic Domes.


Geodesic Domes Ltd is located in the Dublin Mountains. It was founded after the owner, Seamus Daly, wanted a Geodesic dome in his own garden and couldn’t find anything which was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Having looked at the various domes available on the market, Seamus decided to put his years of experience in building and furniture making to the test, and create a unique hardwood framed dome that would be beautiful and functional in equal measure. Diving into the design and geometry, he created a dome that was light and seamless, a feat of joinery that is strong and aesthetically pleasing.
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Without using kits or brackets, each dome is cut to shape with the relevant angles to create a beautiful space that is a wonderful experience to be in. Each dome is encapsulated with a polycarbonate glazing which is UV stable and is over 200 times stronger than conventional glass. The frame is completely protected from the weather by the sealed glazing, making it maintenance free and an extremely long lasting structure.

Having accumulated years of experience in construction and furniture building, we provide you with a beautiful Geodesic dome which is truly one-of-a-kind.


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