May 19, 2023




Helen and Graham

The Brief

With a busy work from home life and four children to keep entertained, the client wanted a place to unplug and connect with nature without being at the mercy of the weather.

We discussed various layouts and setups for their dome and also visited other clients to get a real sense of how much space was available in the different sized domes.

They wanted to have a beautiful growing space first and foremost, but also have somewhere to read and relax in the wonderful sub tropical climate surrounded by lush growth and abundant fresh produce. The children were keen on having enough space to accommodate a large above ground swimming pool for use during the summer holidays. hammocks and hanging chairs were also on the wish list.

Our solution

We proposed a 5.5m dome framed in Alder and set upon a concrete base which was raised above the ground level and would allow for excellent drainage to accommodate the wet ground conditions in the area.

The concrete would be perfect for horticultural use as it is easily swept and kept clean after potting, and it would be up to the installation of a swimming pool during the summer months, a filled pool can weigh up to two tonnes.

Colours chosen on the windows, porch and sealant were matched to the existing details on the property which was an anthracite grey and this really settled the dome into its surroundings with a nod to the main house and its exterior details.

The clients are extremely happy with their new space and can't wait to enjoy a summer of growing together and connecting with one another and we had a lovely time working with them.

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