July 30, 2023




Clara and Jerry

The Brief

To create a multifunctional multipurpose space for a young family and also provide a space for their client sessions with mindfulness exercises in the dome. Clara and Jerry's Geodesic Dome: A Serene Greenhouse and Tranquil Space for Mindfulness

Our solution

Clara and Jerry, two eco-conscious individuals who recently added a stunning 5.5-meter geodesic dome to their property. This multifunctional dome serves as a greenhouse for nurturing their botanical dreams and a serene space for mindfulness exercises, lovingly referred to as the "Dome of Tranquility." Let's delve into their inspiring journey and discover how this geodesic dome transformed their lives.

The Greenhouse Oasis Clara and Jerry's love for nature and sustainability led them to explore the idea of having a greenhouse. The geodesic dome presented the perfect solution for their exposed scenic West Cork location, with its efficient design and natural light distribution. With a 5.5-meter diameter, the dome offered ample space to grow a diverse array of plants, from exotic flora to organic vegetables. The dome's geodesic structure also ensured optimal airflow, creating a nurturing environment for their botanical treasures.

A Tranquil Escape- Seeking a peaceful escape from their hectic lives, Clara and Jerry transformed a part of the geodesic dome into a tranquil space. With plush cushions and comfortable seats, their garden dome or "Dome of Tranquility" became their sanctuary for relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness exercises. Surrounded by the beauty of nature inside the dome, they found solace and rejuvenation in this calming West Cork oasis.

Mindfulness Client Sessions- Recognising the potential of their geodesic dome as a serene environment, Clara decided to share its benefits with others. She provides mindfulness client sessions inside the dome, inviting individuals to connect with nature and explore mindfulness practices in this unique setting. The dome's structure seemed to enhance the sense of peace and presence during these sessions, making it a truly transformative experience for their clients.

A Sustainable Haven- As passionate advocates for sustainability, Clara and Jerry take pride in their eco-friendly lifestyle. The geodesic dome aligns perfectly with their values, as its design optimises energy efficiency allow them to produce organic produce with zero food miles. Each geodome is made from sustainable materials, the dome itself serves as a beautiful example of living harmoniously with the environment.

Clara and Jerry's geodesic dome has become much more than just a greenhouse; it has become a source of inspiration, relaxation, and mindfulness. With its versatility and eco-friendly design, the dome has enriched their lives and the lives of those who visit the "Dome of Tranquility." As they continue to nurture their garden and guide others on the path to mindfulness.

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