June 11, 2023




Bord Bia Bloom 2023

The Brief

Having had our debut at Bord Bia Bloom in 2022, showcasing our designs with a 5m diameter dome glazed in 4mm polycarbonate, we had a number of people interested in getting the dome glazed in real glass as opposed to the polycarbonate. Whilst the polycarbonate is almost unbreakable and UV stable, the supreme clarity and longevity of glass was something our future clients were expressing an interest in us developing.

So having had this feedback from attendees at Bloom 2022, we decided that over the 12 months we would develop a design that would integrate toughened glass for the entire dome, including upgrading the aluminium windows to have glass and also the door.

Our solution

With a bigger and more centrally located stand at Bloom in the Park '23 we were confident that showcasing our most popular size dome, the 5.5m diameter framed in toughened glass.

It was a perfect fit for the visitors to the show over 5 days, and was well received with a number of clients ordering their new domes glazed in the toughened glass option. With the design perfected and the techniques honed for doing this type of design, we are now seeing strong interest from customers to have their domes glazed in glass as well as the polycarbonate, further enhancing our offerings to suit every use and setting.

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