March 6, 2023



The Brief

To create a large growing space to increase their production and improve their growing facilities.

Our solution

Having done their research looking for a Geodesic Dome to suit their needs, and also visiting a few different suppliers, these customers decided to purchase one of our 5.5m GROW domes framed in sustainably sourced European Alder.

After seing some of our domes they said;

when we visited the various companies the cheaper ones never looked nearly as good in real life as they had in the photos! We were initially reluctant to spend the extra on the one from Geodesic Domes Ireland but when we actually saw one we knew we wouldn't be happy with any other. It is truly beautiful, structurally strong and yet quite delicate to look at.”

We provided all the necessary details for them to prepare the area where they intended to locate their dome. The dome was built with 4 automatic window vents  and a solar powered fan. The customer provided power and water inside the dome so they can manage irrigation. With extensive experience growing organic produce and providing for their own needs we look forward to seeing how this lovely couple create a productive and inviting growing space in their new dome.

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