March 6, 2023



The Brief

St. Columbas School in Douglas wanted to create a new learning and sensory experience for their pupils. To open their eyes to the challenges around food production, sustainable horticulture and to provide a creative space that is a real-world example of sustainable construction and a beautiful and engaging example of the practical application of maths and geometry.

Our solution

Having researched the market they decided to install one of our 4 frequency 10 meter Geodesic Domes.

We were able to advise the school on what different options were available and how we could create the most suitable environment for their needs.

As their dome was going to provide a growing space and sensory room, we built their dome from Durawood, a thermally modified hardwood free from chemical preservatives, which is suitable for exposure to constant moisture and has a 60+ year life expectancy in wet environments.

We glazed the dome in clear polycarbonate which is over 200 times stronger than glass, making the structure extremely strong and able to take anything the children throw at it.

The school has created a tropical interior which they can grow and learn about planting and sustainability.

The dome has 25 meters of raised beds around the perimeter where the pupils can have a hands on experience with planting and cultivation.

Heat and air circulate naturally in a dome. To maintain the optimal internal environment, there are five automatic roof windows which respond to the indoor temperature.  Three solar powered extractor fans help to manage humidity.  We provided three low level manually operated windows so additional ventilation can be used as needed.

For heating we installed two Infrared Heaters which will provide instant heat when there is a class taking place in the dome on the colder winter days.

We are looking forward to seeing what this wonderful school will create in their new Geodesic Dome.

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