School and Venue Domes

Our large range domes creates unique and beautiful spaces for schools and in commercial and hospitality setttings.

Educational settings can benefit greatly from our geodesic domes, providing a wonderful tool for children to discover and learn about sustainability, cultivation and reducing our impact on the world. Geodesic Domes demonstrate a real-world application of geometry and engineering, and it will provide a growing habitat where students can see produce being grown in an organic and sustainable way.

In commercial and hospitality settings, our versatile geodesic domes creates unique and beautiful spaces for your hotel garden. The offer a range of applications, from outdoor dining areas to event domes for wellness retreats, yoga classes, and other creative experiences.

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Our domes are versatile, eco-friendly and let your pupils connect with the outdoors in a practical and comfortable setting.

Technical Details

With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, all our geodesic domes are built with precision and attention to detail. Premium quality, sustainably sourced materials are used throughout the process.

Our School and Venue Domes are maintenance-free and have a life expectancy of more than 25 years.


Within the School and Venue Domes range, we offer domes from 7 meter to 12-meter diameter. Dome sizes can be adjusted to your needs.

Examples of sizes with capacity are:

38 Sq meters / height of approx 3.2 m

20-22 persons seated

80 Sq meters / height of approx 4 m

35+ persons seated

113 Sq meters / height of approx 4.6 m

50+ persons seated


Our domes are glazed in a clear 4mm polycarbonate glazing which is over 200 times stronger than glass, making them maintenance free and extremely durable. The polycarbonate is UV stabilised and will remain crystal clear.

Our handmade frames are designed to be a single wooden superstructure that is both strong, long lasting and functional. We use different wood species depending on your requirements.

Different foundation options are available such as concrete pad foundations, ground spikes on a raised timber base or a trench foundation.Existing patios and decking are suitable locations for your dome.


All prices include delivery and installation. Our learning domes have 8 aluminium windows (5 high level and 4 low level) and a glazed locking PVC door. The windows operate on automatic actuators that open and close depending on the temperature inside the dome. 
A concrete base is required to position your dome upon, and this provides the internal floor and foundation for your new dome. (priced separately)
Prices excluding VAT.

Detailed quotation will be provided after a consultation on your site specific requirements.

Below are indications of pricing for domes in various sizes:

7 Meter Diameter

7 m Diameter Dome provides 37 sq meters of floorspace and has a height of 4.1 m. This size will accommodate 20-22 persons seated.


10 Meter diameter

10 m Diameter Dome provides 80 sq meters of space and has a height of approx 4 m. This will accommodate 35+ persons seated.


12 meter diameter

12 m Diameter Dome provides 113 sq meters of space and has a height of approx 4.6 m. This will accommodate 50+ persons seated.


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